4 Reasons a Storage Unit is Safer Than Your Home

4 Reasons a Storage Unit is Safer Than Your Home

Maybe you’ve seen sensational headlines about storage unit robberies or authorities finding all kinds of interesting things in abandoned units—these things can happen, but they make the news because they’re so rare. After all, a news article on the safety of a storage unit or how some people stayed afloat during the pandemic because they could move their business inventory into a unit instead of overhead eating up their budget isn’t very interesting.

However, if you’ve been on the fence about renting a storage unit because of the media, it’s time to do a little fact checking. The reality is that storage units are a much safer place to store items compared to your home. Let’s take a look at why.

  1. Homes get burglarized much more than storage units. Burglars are opportunists, so they always have their eyes peeled for an easy target. They don’t want to get caught, they certainly don’t want to get filmed, and they want to get in and out as quickly as possible. Did you know that most burglars access a home by simply walking through an unlocked front door? They might also spot an easily seen bag in a car that’s unlocked. They know that a reputable storage facility is going to have security, including floodlights, 24/7 cameras streaming, and plenty of locks to get through. They also have no idea which storage units are even in use, and zero intel on what’s inside (in other words, storage units simply aren’t very tempting).
  2. There’s a much lower fire risk at a storage unit. Assuming you work with a quality storage facility with a sparkling reputation, there are virtually no fire risks at a storage unit. You don’t leave items plugged in inside of units. You’re not lighting candles or wandering away from a hot stove—and neither are your “neighbors” in their units. The leading cause of a housefire is a kitchen fire, followed closely by leaving candles lit. That simply doesn’t happen in storage units.
  3. Flooding typically doesn’t occur in storage units. We’re all a little at mercy to the weather, but storage units don’t have basements—and that’s the main place you’ll find flooding if it’s caused by the weather. Additionally, flooding most often occurs from a burst pipe, and storage units simply don’t have water pipes in their units. There’s also, of course, no chance of someone forgetting the bath tap on nearby.
  4. No wear and tear. You might find that your items at home get broken or beat up simply by wear and tear (especially if kids are in the home). By nature, storage units preserve and protect your items. You only access and use them when necessary. There is also no risk of sun bleaching, which can occur throughout a home with a lot of natural light.

If you’re looking to keep items safe, you can’t do better than a quality storage unit. Contact Oquirrh View Storage today.

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