5 Industries with Huge Storage Demands

5 Industries with Huge Storage Demands

Everyone seems to be moving to cloud storage, but what happens when a business really needs to store tangible stuff—and a lot of it? There are a few industries with massive storage needs, and with the price of storage inflating every year it can be tough to keep up. It will require some negotiation, creative thinking, and mad logistical skills to keep these 5 industries with huge storage demands in the black.

Construction Rental Companies

When someone needs a CAT bulldozer or even a John Deere riding lawnmower for the day, where do they turn? Companies that rent machinery like this need a safe place to store these expensive pieces. The average storage shed simply isn’t going to cut it. However, the needs for these machines will always be present, so at least the businesses have supply and demand on their side.

Car Sellers

That parking lot isn’t the only necessity for a car selling business. The brand new models might need storage while in transit, cars dropped off for servicing need to be safely parked, and the most luxurious lines need protection. Don’t assume that “storage” automatically means a secured, locked space. Sometimes—like with vehicle sales—it just means a big lot on a cleared piece of property.

Lumber Mills

Regardless of a person’s opinions on the logging industry and its effect on the environment, lumber mills are still existent and require some massive storage. After all, a lot of the inventory can’t be exposed to the elements. Soggy wood leads to rot, and that hurts the bottom line. Lumber mills utilize storage to protect their product, but this storage also needs to allow for a safe (for human) environment.

Furniture Stores

Furniture is big—conference desks, dining room tables, sectional couches, and beds all take up a lot of space. If you think showrooms are big, imagine all the space required to store the actual products that will be shipped or delivered. There needs to be plenty of room to allow for well-stored items to avoid being broken or damaged. Oftentimes, it’s the unseen backroom storage facility of a furniture shop that’s the real maze.

Special Event Rental Companies

Those city-wide parades, marathons, and other special events all require staging, lighting, tents, and a host of other products that take up a lot of space. For companies in the special events rental industry, that means needing to store hundreds (or even thousands) of items that might be only used once or twice a month. This is essential for these companies, because not having what their clients want will lead customers to simply look for other party planners who can fulfill their party visions.

Storing things is expensive, and unfortunately there are some industries that can’t get around it. To maximize storage space, use a logistical expert and always shop around. Contact Oquirrh View Storage today and talk to an expert who can help you find exactly what you need.

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