5 Ways to Carve Out More Storage in Any Room

5 Ways to Carve Out More Storage in Any Room

Have you ever watched a design show and been amazed at how much larger a room can look with the right furniture and layout? There’s a reason homes get staged for sale—surprisingly, furniture placed correctly in a room can actually make it look larger. There’s also a plethora of furniture that doubles as extra storage, making it unnecessary to line your walls with filing cabinets in order to stay tidy and organized.

Ready to make room for more storage without losing any style? Here are five ways to maximize storage space in any room.

1. Choose furniture that doubles as storage space. Ottomans provide a fantastic opportunity to add style, comfort, and storage to any room. Everyone could use extra seating and storage, and you get both with this option. Even better, ottomans are relatively large and spacious, giving you plenty of room to store larger items you don’t use regularly (such as board game collections).

2. Select accent pieces with style and storage. When designing a room, consider practicality. There’s a good chance you’ll want a variety of consoles and cabinets within reach of seating areas (to place glasses) and near doorways. A console that’s neutral with a touch of pizzazz and comes with plenty of storage lets you double down on benefits.

3. Make primary pieces pull double duty. When you think of a dining table, you probably don’t think extra storage—but why shouldn’t you? Stop hauling items you always use, like flatware and napkins, from the kitchen to the dining table. A dining table that has storage and plenty of room for entertainment is a simple solution that’s too often overlooked.

4. Don’t dismiss “optional” pieces. A standard feature on any master bedroom Hollywood set is that ottoman or bench at the foot of the bed. However, it’s rarely seen in actual homes these days. That’s a big mistake. This bench is the perfect place to store extra blankets, socks, or just about anything else you need within easy reach. It also makes for the perfect spot to slip into your pajamas or favorite slippers.

5. Don’t miss out on a bed with extra storage. Prefer to preserve space in your bedroom and forego the bench? Opt for a bed that comes with built-in storage. It’s a fantastic storage solution for just about anything, and can even save you from purchasing more dressers if you have a smaller bedroom. In many cases, bedrooms have limited real estate. The bed takes up the majority of the space, so don’t let it get away with not being a storage piece.

The secret to getting more storage is not allowing your furniture to serve only one function. Storage furniture doesn’t necessarily cost more than it’s mono-job

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