Boomerang Kids Coming Home? Their Stuff Doesn’t Have To

Boomerang Kids Coming Home? Their Stuff Doesn’t Have To

The term “boomerang kid” was coined well before the pandemic, but the pandemic certainly brought these adult children home to roost. It’s used to denote an adult child who has returned home, usually temporarily. It was especially common for adult children who had just completed college or grad school and needed a little (financial) help before they ventured out into the real world. Obviously, now the real world has run amok. Americans are living in inter-generational families for the first time in decades at unprecedented levels. There’s enough to deal with if you have adult children returning home. You don’t need to add the stress of storing all their stuff on top of it.

Even if you have a large, spacious home, it doesn’t take much for an entire adult person’s things to overtake it. Maybe your adult child was in college and decided to skip this year in the dorm in order to stay safe and save a little money. It doesn’t seem like dorm items would take up that much space—but you’d be surprised. From mini-fridges to decorations they just can’t bear to part with, all of these items are going to take up precious space in your home if you let them. A storage unit not only helps keep your home clutter-free, but it will also make it much easier for adult kids to move back into the real world once it’s safe to do so.

Handling the Boomerang Kid with Storage Needs

Of course, if your adult children were older and established before returning home, you have many more items to deal with. Maybe they had a rental home with rooms of furniture and items. It’s very expensive to re-purchase all of these items, and many have sentimental value. In the long run, it’s actually more affordable to rent a storage unit rather than to sell and rebuy a house’s worth of items. You can certainly donate, sell, and recycle some of these items, but many more are worth storing. If you don’t have room in your home to do so—or don’t want to—a storage unit is a great solution.

It’s also much more affordable for your adult child to pay a monthly storage fee rather than rent. This is one way you can help instill financial responsibility into your adult child. It might feel odd asking for their help with rent or utility payments, but not so much when you’re simply asking them to pay their own storage facility fees. Ensuring that responsibility is still part of their lifestyle, even in these strange times, will help them “get back to normal” in the future.

Storage units come in a variety of sizes and with benefits like temperature control to ensure safety. Keep your spare bedrooms, garage, and attic clear by directing your boomerang kids to storage units. Connect with Oquirrh View Storage today and find out more information about available units and pricing.

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