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Climate-Controlled Storage Units

Temperatures in West Jordan, UT can be hard to predict. Renting a climate-controlled storage unit at Oquirrh View Storage gives you peace of mind that your belongings are being kept at a constant temperature and humidity.

Climate-controlled storage is a better option for you if you’re planning on storing items that are sensitive to fluctuating temperatures, like documents, electronics, and clothing. Climate-controlled storage can help protect your belongings by ensuring they never get too hot, cold, or humid.

Document Storage

Family document storage can be very important, especially when those documents can assist in family needs. 


Storing documents in a climate-controlled storage unit not only helps with preservation but also with peace of mind. Family photos and old videotapes can be destroyed if they are not stored in the right climate.


If you have old documents, photo albums, video collections or temperature-sensitive valuables taking up space in your home or business come see us we have the solution. 

Antique & Collectables Storage

Antiques and collectibles can be susceptible to extreme temperatures. Climate-controlled storage is a great way to store your items and create more space in your home. 

Furniture Storage

Furniture that is made of wood, antique or going to be stored for more than a few months is best preserved in a temperature-controlled storage unit. 

5 x 10 (50 sq. ft.)

Equivalent to: Walk-in Closet

This Unit will hold a small amount of furniture, sofas, chairs, chest of drawers, boxspring and mattress, business supplies and records. Plus other small items and boxes.


Temperature Controlled




10 x 10 (100 sq. ft.)

Equivalent to: Half of a one-car garage

This Unit will hold a One-bedroom apartment with major appliances, other furniture, and supplies.


Temperature Controlled




10 x 15 (150 sq. ft.)

Equivalent to: Two-thirds of a one-car garage

This Unit will hold a two-bedroom apartment or house, including appliances, boxes and miscellaneous items and commercial storage inventory.


Temperature Controlled




10 x 20 (200 sq. ft.)

Equivalent to: Standard one-car garage

This Unit will hold a three-bedroom house with major appliances, plus lots of boxes. Business storage files and inventory ideal for storage racks.


Temperature Controlled




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