(Don’t?) Get That Car into your Garage

(Don’t?) Get That Car into your Garage

Last month we talked about the importance of being able to park your vehicle inside your garage. Vehicles should be stored safely and out of the elements whenever possible, and it’s convenient and helpful to have your daily driver warmed up and snow free inside your garage waiting for you each morning. But there are some situations where keeping a vehicle in your home’s garage may not be the best choice.

Seasonal Storage

It’s common for Utahns to have an extra vehicle that they don’t want to drive around in slick, snowy conditions with road salt damaging it all winter. Motorcycles, vintage or classic cars, family heirloom vehicles, and convertibles are best saved for fair weather days. If you have a garage, you can save room by parking just your daily driver in there and putting your play vehicle into a safe unit for the winter. Your prized possession will be happy to hibernate in the protection of a secure storage unit until you’re ready to take it out on joyrides again.

Project Cars

We often see project cars parked on the side of a home collecting dust and slowly getting more dilapidated each year. In some ways, keeping a project car on site can serve as a reminder of something you want to work on, but it can also be discouraging and frustrating to see your soon-to-be masterpiece rotting away in your yard. If you protect your project in a storage unit, you can have peace of mind that further deterioration will not take place and you won’t be frustrated to possibly see it in the same condition a few months from now. Tackle the project when you’re really ready and rest easy knowing it’s safe in an easily accessed, spacious unit. Plus, car restoration can take months or even years, so as a break is needed throughout the project, you can easily store the vehicle until you’re ready to get back at it.

Safe Option during Travel

If you’re a big traveler, whether for work or pleasure, and don’t have a secure garage space at home for your vehicle, it’s a good idea to park it offsite at a facility while you’re away. The peace of mind while you’re gone often offsets the cost of a unit when you know you have a ready-to-go space for your vehicle while you travel the world.

Top-Notch Protection

Many of us work on projects in our garages, or our kids run in and out with bikes and their friends, which are potential instances for a scratch or ding on your vehicle. In a unit, you can add a cover to your vehicle and other added protections you want while it’s in a closed unit so there’s no way for it to get scratched or damaged.

If your at-home garage storage is simply not possible or you have a prized beauty you don’t drive often, reach out to us about car storage options at our West Jordan facility. Your investment is worthy of proper storage, and our 24-hour secure storage facility is just the place.

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