Functional Storage Solutions for Multiple Needs – Part 1

Functional Storage Solutions for Multiple Needs – Part 1

Doesn’t it feel amazing to be organized and clutter free? Whether you’re a keeper of all things sentimental or a dedicated minimizer, you will have items that need to an appropriate storage spot. Organization goes far beyond simply getting rid of clutter. Systems need to be in place that are unique to your lifestyle and needs to make sure your daily routine is effective. Whatever storage system you have in place, maintaining it consistently is the real key. Organizational goals will look different to different people—a family with six kids in school will need vastly different solutions than a single person who travels the world. As the new year approaches, many of us are setting goals, and getting organized is often top of the list. Getting organized is easier than staying organized, but with effective solutions, it can be accomplished. We’ve come up with some ideas for staying on the path of functional, organized living; here is part 1:

Revolving Clothes Storage

If you don’t have a lot of closet space, creating a revolving storage situation for your wardrobe can be helpful. You can do this on-site in your garage or basement or get a storage unit that’s convenient, safe, and easy to access. A great way to think of this option is to create a quarterly or triannual organization session where you swap things out or purge what is no longer useful. Trading out your wardrobe at these sessions not only keeps your closet nice and tidy but it also keeps your attire fresh and purposeful. A small storage unit is great for storing clothes, making it easy and practical to rotate your wardrobe a few times a year. This method also forces you to keep up on the clothes you really love and ones you don’t wear as much. If you put something in storage for a few months then go to swap out the next set of outfits and notice you didn’t even miss the piece, you know it’s a good time to donate that item. Don’t forget the shoes with this solution. Heavy boots don’t need to fill up valuable closet space all summer.

Decorate for the Seasons

Keep your home looking fresh by rotating your décor seasonally. This can go beyond holiday décor and includes staple elements in your home. We’ve heard of people who even repaint an accent wall in their living room each season to keep things updated and trendy. Consider a few boxes of decorations to switch out a few times a year, rotating those items in an organized storage unit. Like the wardrobe idea, this keeps your home tidy and purposeful while also making it feel fresh and updated. This method doesn’t mean redecorating your entire home every three months. Instead, it’s picking one or two areas and mixing up some of the elements each season to keep it charming and interesting.

Be sure to check out part two for more helpful ideas on getting and staying organized.

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