Functional Storage Solutions for Multiple Needs – Part 2

Functional Storage Solutions for Multiple Needs – Part 2

Thanks for checking out part one of our organization solutions blog series. Here are some more ideas on functional solutions for your unique needs:

Schoolwork Items

Let’s be honest: kids bring home A LOT of stuff from school, and there is no reason to keep it all (even if you think you want to). Those cute drawings and stories are fun to see and it’s likely you’ll want to look back on them in the future. A good rule of thumb when it comes to all those papers and art projects from school is to designate one or two boxes to each child’s schoolwork and keep only that. If it gets full, go through it and revamp, only keeping what’s really necessary. At the end of each schoolyear, you probably only need about 5-10 pieces of their projects, and it’s likely they’re bringing home well over 100 pieces from the year. Choose what showcases their personality and is fully done by them, rather than tracing projects or standard items that didn’t require their imagination. Certificates and awards are also good items to keep.

Making Your Hobby Items Useful

Organizing what you use for your hobbies is important to maximizing actually doing those hobbies. Too often we see a person’s hobby get pushed aside because they don’t have room for what they need or they don’t have their stuff organized. If you love painting, make sure your supplies are stored properly, easy to access, and located in designated, labeled places. If winter sports are your thing, you’ll want your items at the ready as soon as Utah (finally) gets some snow. Music needs can be stored easily off-site, and if you’re still in practice mode, your family may thank you for doing that at a storage unit rather than the living room. If your hobby is collecting antiques, you already know safely storing those items is more important showcasing them. Your hobbies should make you happy, no matter what they are. Set a calendar date to work on your hobby at least once a month, and make sure you set aside some extra time to get the related supplies and products in an accessible, organized state.

Travel Supplies and Souvenirs

A lot of people are opting for road trips lately. Some have even purchased a designated vehicle for road tripping. If this is you, think about putting that vehicle into a secure storage facility with it already packed and ready to go for your next trip. That way, the clutter isn’t around your house and you don’t have to spend time looking for the must-haves, which can make the experience stressful. If you have a large family, suitcases and travel gear can take up a lot of space in your home. Think about placing those bulky supplies into a unit where it’s all consolidated and accessible. This makes the prep process far easier, which in turn makes the travelling process a lot more enjoyable.

When it comes to storage, you can’t go wrong with whatever solution speaks to you. For any off-site storage needs, Oquirrh View Storage can fit your lifestyle and budget.

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