Get That Car into the Garage

Get That Car into the Garage

About a quarter of Americans cannot park their cars in their garage because it’s too full of clutter. For some states, that may not be a big deal, but in Utah, not having a covered spot for your car can be a nuisance. From the heavy, cold snow in the winter to the stifling hot summers, being able to park in a garage can be a true comfort. If you have a garage, you’re lucky! Why not park in it? Garages are an important function of most homes throughout the country. Here are some interesting facts about typical garage spaces in the US:

  • About half of Americans spend one to two hours a week in their garage working on repairs or hobbies.
  • Eighty percent of home buyers say the garage is a main factor when considering a list of homes.
  • A Wall Street Journal survey reported that the top answer to the question: “How can you enjoy your garage space more?” was “removing junk.”
  • Disorganization accounts for about eighty percent of household clutter (not a lack of space, like many may think).
  • Over three quarters of realtors say a disorganized, fully packed garage has a negative impact on the home selling process.
  • An Impulse Research survey states that about a quarter of Americans are embarrassed to leave their garage door open.
  • Over half of Americans use their garage as their main entry to their home, not their front door.
  • Realtors state that garages are ranked higher on most buyers’ lists than attics or basements.
  • Vehicles on average sit parked over eighty percent of the time.
  • Most homeowners state that about seventy percent of their garage space is available for parking a vehicle.
  • Realtors report that homeowners like a multi-functional garage, but the most important function should be parking a vehicle.
  • About eighty percent of single-family homes and condos in the US have a garage or carport.
  • Two-car garages are the most popular size around the US since 2017.

With these facts, it’s clear to see the importance of parking your vehicle in a well-organized, maintained garage. We here at Oquirrh View Storage have another big reason to park in the garage: safety. Parking in your garage not only is safer for your actual vehicle, but also for yourself. One of winter’s most common injury is the dreaded slip-and-fall. This is especially true if you have a steep driveway. Don’t risk an injury by leaving your vehicle out during a storm. Not only is it inconvenient and cold to scrape off that car in the morning, but it can also lead to a fall if you’re not careful.

Bring your extra stuff to Oquirrh View Storage for easy-to-access, safe, and secure keeping. When you opt for a storage unit at our facility, you can feel good about the ease of accessing your belongings as well as knowing they’re not easily accessed by the wrong people. Park your vehicle safely in your garage this season and start enjoying the peace of mind of a secure auto and a comfortable ride as soon as you start the engine.

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