Get the Most out of Urban Living

Get the Most out of Urban Living

For those of us living in an apartment, condo, or townhouse, storage can be very tricky. Living in a small space requires people to utilize every part of their home wisely and effectively. Here are some general tips for the urban dweller when it comes to maximizing your space, or lack thereof:

  1. Go for vertical storage: Over-the-door hanging organizers are great for everything from shoe racks to mirrors to cleaning products. We’ve even seen painted, old doors hung on the wall for a unique and fun storage solution.
  2. Use every nook and cranny wisely: Hanging shelves in an unusable part of your room can take on quite a bit of stuff, and baskets remain popular as an attractive and functional way to decorate shelves while also hiding products you need close but don’t want to be seen.
  3. Store under the bed: There are loads of under-the-bed products for storage, some even have wheels for easy access. Sheets, blankets, and even towels are great items to keep under the bed. You can even opt for a box spring with hidden storage inside for items you don’t get out on a regular basis.
  4. Maximize your closet space: Using dividers and having a system will make getting ready in the morning so much better. Again, use up all that vertical space, invest in some sturdy baskets, and print off labels to keep everything clearly marked of where it needs to be.
  5. Be open to unique storage: Literally think outside the box. For example, picture frames with cork or a metal sheet with small holes can replace jewelry boxes. Also, don’t be afraid to mix up the primary function of a part of your home. For example, your hallway closet doesn’t have to be for coats and umbrellas if it would be better suited as a pantry.

Everyone’s situation is different, which means every organizational system should be, too. Especially in small spaces, let your creativity shine by tailoring your storage ideas to your space, and break out of the typical ideas of organizing.

Urban Storage Solution

Sometimes even with the best and most functional personal storage and organizational systems, we may simply just not have enough room to house everything we love. Living urban life is busy, fast-paced, and exciting. You don’t have time to be constantly worrying about where to put your stuff or if it’s safe while you’re at work or enjoying the city’s nightlife. Getting a storage unit may feel like an expensive hassle at first but let us put your concerns at ease.

A safe and reputable storage facility will keep your belongings safer than they would be at an apartment or condo. And, having a storage facility that’s conveniently located, well-priced, clean, and secure will free up valuable physical space as well as precious emotional space. Oquirrh View Storage is conveniently located in West Jordan with units on one level for quick and easy access (for you). From small units to outdoor boating and RV storage, we have a solution for everyone.

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