No Storage for Your Spring Cleaning & Gardening Supplies? No Problem!

No Storage for Your Spring Cleaning & Gardening Supplies No Problem!

Spring is in the air, and you know what that means—all kinds of deals on cleaning and gardening tools that you need and want, but no place to put them. Even if you’re lucky enough to have a garage, packing it full of tools that you don’t use on a daily basis means having zero space to keep your vehicles clean, dry, and safe from the sun. A storage unit can be a fantastic solution for larger tools that you start using in the spring on a weekly (or less) basis.

One of the most common tools is a lawnmower and, specifically, a riding lawnmower. Although a push mower can give you a workout, it’s tough on your back and very time consuming. Most lawnmowers are investments, which means you need to keep them protected from the elements if you want them to last a lifetime (which they certainly can when stored correctly!). Those without a garage or storage shed at home are stuck having to cover up their lawnmower when not in use and hope for the best. That’s not an ideal way to keep them clean, protected, and dry, but a drive-up storage unit is an easy solution.

The Great Outdoors

Lawnmowers aren’t the only gardening tools that take up a lot of space. Various shovels, edgers, fruit pickers, weeders, and more can all make gardening a lot easier, but they also demand space. For many handheld tools, a solution can be to mount them on a garage wall—but once again that’s assuming you have the garage and the space. Even the most avid gardeners don’t use all of these tools on a routine basis, making a self-storage unit once again a prime solution.

Wheelbarrows and additional bins for major yard debris cleanup days can be a timesaver, but they require ample space. If you’ve taken to leaning your wheelbarrow against your home or trying to hide bins at the back of the house, you’re leaving them exposed to the elements. Ideally these are purchases you only need to make once in your lifetime, so protect them.

Cleaning Supplies

Sprucing up your indoors is also starting to happen with spring cleaning around the corner. However, most people don’t have luxurious space just for storage. For many, it can be a challenge just to keep your vacuum cleaner out of sight. For those who really take this tradition seriously, you might want or have a separate carpet cleaner, wet/dry vac for outdoor spaces, and special cleaning supplies taking up space in your cupboard that you only use once or twice per year.

As long as supplies are properly put away, you can keep them in your storage unit for easy access. This can also be a great way to keep some products away from children in the home. No matter what your spring cleaning looks like, a storage unit at Oquirrh View Storage is convenient so you can keep your home yours and looking its best.

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