Off-site Storage for Modern-day Workers

Off-site Storage for Modern-day Workers

The impact of covid has changed the way the world does business. We may see things eventually go back to the way they were BC (that’s before covid), but it’s more likely that we’ll be working with a “new normal” in a lot of ways. The current business scene is much different than just five years ago, and it’s impacting all of us. Off-site storage can help keep you organized as we continue to shift and adapt to different working conditions.

Move Business Materials Off-Site

If you’ve shifted from office building to home office, you probably have had to carve out a space at home for everything you need. Send some of that stuff off-site to create a better use of your space. At Oquirrh View Storage, we have several sizes of units for a variety of needs, and you can choose temperature-controlled units for the more sensitive items you have. If you have files that you need to keep but don’t need them on a regular basis, they will do great in a small, secure unit. Maybe you have to keep track of a lot of inventory that used to be at the office but is now in your garage. Send that over to us in one of our larger units for safekeeping while still being easy to access. Create a logging system for your materials and send them away from your workspace to make a frustration-free work zone at home.

Temporary Storage for Temporary Situations

Many businesses had to downsize during the pandemic, and maybe you were laid off. If you’re moving around looking for jobs, an affordable off-site storage unit may be necessary and helpful to keep everything secure and in a consistent place. Maybe you’ve decided to move because of the new flexibility of working remotely and need a temporary place while you decide where to plant your roots. Or maybe you’re thinking of heading back to college to finish that degree now that you have more free time with a shift in job duties. Whatever your situation may be, storage units offer great temporary solutions for items that you know you’ll want at some point, but they’re just in the way at the moment.

Create a New Office Space in Your Home

If you foresee working from home long term, it may be helpful to shift an entire room in your house into an office. You can get a storage unit for the current items while you’re making up a new office. To keep your morale high while working from home, you’ll want to create a space that feels good to you. Cluttered spaces are typically not conducive to a settled feeling, especially when it comes to a work area.

Today’s workplace settings are unique and requires a unique approach. Whether you’re using this chance to start a new venture or need to revamp the current way you do business, a storage unit can be a beneficial tool for storage and organization. Oquirrh View Storage is a secure facility with 24-hour surveillance with flexible options for today’s needs.

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