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Happy New Year!

Updated: Jan 16

During this time of goal setting and resolution making, add organizing to that list. Getting organized is typically on the top of the list for resolutions, followed by eating healthier and exercising more. When you hear the words “get organized” what goes through your mind? If stress immediately pops up and you start to feel overwhelmed, you’re not alone. Here are some great tips to help start your year off right:

  • Declutter – start tackling small tasks first by decluttering certain areas of your home. Take it slow or jump in by setting aside a full day for it. Whatever speaks to you and your style of getting your to-do list done. Create categories like keep, donate, and toss for the piles of items, and before you know it, things will feel cleaner.

  • Schedule – From cleaning days to appointments, take some time to schedule your time. Get a calendar and use it. Your phone calendar can be great, and that works well for reminders and alarms to pop up. If you love a written planner, use that instead of—or in addition to—your phone. Map out a cleaning schedule to stay on top of the organizational tasks as well as any appointments you have throughout the year. Are you good at forgetting birthdays? Set aside some time to input those dates on your calendar now, and you’ll be ready to give gifts on time.

  • Set Manageable Goals – One reason many resolutions fail is because we make too many goals that are too lofty and too much work right off the bat. Start small and reasonable, like one or two new things each day or week rather than a packed, new daily schedule starting January 1. As you master each goal, then add a new one.

  • Create a Routine – Accomplishing tasks is easier to do when you’re on a routine. Work up to waking up at a set time and going to bed at a set time. A great action for each morning is making your bed. This sets the tone for the rest of the day. When life gets stressful, sticking to the consistency of your routine can be comforting. This works for kids and adults too.

  • Improve Your Storage Solutions – Take this space by space (like starting in the kitchen then the office and so on), or subject matter by subject matter (like starting with schoolwork items then holiday décor and so on). Don’t run out and buy a bunch of cute storage baskets. Go through what you have first, see what you can repurpose, and rework the solution to your needs today and in the future.

  • Track Your Progress – Make a visual tracking system of your successes. It can be simple, like an X on your calendar or a sticker on a chart. Seeing the successful days begin to pile up will motivate you to keep going.

For many of us, it helps to store items that are important, but not needed often, off-site. For those items, trust them to Oquirrh View Storage for safe keeping and easy access.

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