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Prepping your RV for Winter Storage

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

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If you love your RV like Cousin Eddie in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, you’ll want to prep it for winter storage a little better than he does. Unless, of course, you’re planning to live in the Griswold’s front yard for the holiday season. If not, proper care before placing “that there” RV in storage will ensure it lasts for many more shenanigans in the future. Here are six must-do winterizing steps for your home on wheels:

  1. Drain the water systems: This one is probably the most important step. If there is water left in the lines, they can freeze and break. This damage is costly to repair. (Maybe skip Eddie’s aviator hat and revealing robe while draining everything into the neighborhood storm drain, though.)

  2. Add a fuel stabilizer: Over the season, the gas left in the tank can go bad, resulting in sticky residue deposits. These damage the engine, but by adding a stabilizer, the deposits are unable to form, and your gas will be fine until the next use.

  3. Protect the exterior: Inspect the roof, windows, doors, and seams to see if anything needs to be sealed up or fixed. You may want to have a professional service center do this for you to ensure nothing is missed. You’ll also want to cover the tires with proper cases that are positioned securely.

  4. Prevent critters from making it their home: We saw how the squirrel wreaked havoc on poor Clark, so make sure one doesn’t get into your RV. Not only do critters hang out in the warmth of your RV, but they can also damage components by chewing through wires or eating away at furnishings. Make sure they can’t get in from the outside first, then for more security remove all food, clean out any scraps or crumbs, and add some traps.

  5. Save batteries: Disconnect the batteries and store them separately in a dry location for the winter. A cool location, like your garage, will help retain as much charge as possible. Check the battery and charge it when necessary because a partially charged battery can freeze faster than a fully charged one.

  6. Choose a safe yet accessible location: You want your RV in a safe space where it won’t get damaged during the winter months and where it won’t get broken into. A storage facility is a great place for large items like RVs, saving you space at your home. If you opt for a storage facility, ensure they’re secure with cameras and protections but also available for you to check up on it whenever you want.

A secure place to store your possessions is a much more valuable gift that keeps on giving than the Jelly of the Month Club. Don’t have a nervous breakdown like Clark this holiday season and make Cousin Eddie proud by taking good care of your RV and trusting it to a dependable, convenient, and safe storage facility like Oquirrh View Storage.

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