Small Business Owners Depend on Storage Facilities During Lockdown

Small Business Owners Depend on Storage Facilities During Lockdown

If you own a small brick-and-mortar business that’s been affected by lockdown, there’s a good chance you made use of your landlord’s offer to clear out so you’re not paying rent on an unusable space. Saving on rent when you have virtually no income helps, but what do you do with all of your inventory or office equipment? For many small business owners faced with this conundrum, storage units have become a lifesaver. It’s not uncommon for even small boutiques to have thousands of pieces of inventory, especially if your former rental space provided an ample stock room. It’s critical to keep your inventory or equipment safe, whether for a future reopening or in order to sell it without worrying about damage to recoup some expenses.

Storage units give you peace of mind knowing that your inventory and equipment is safe and secure in a monitored and temperature-controlled environment. You also have convenient access to your unit so you can add or remove items when necessary. As lockdown restrictions have started to lift, some small business owners are taking inventory back to their rental spaces and stores while others are enjoying the benefits of being able to sell items online. Storage facilities give you a clear space for storage that is separate from your personal home and life. This helps to keep inventory accounted for and easy to find.

The Changing Face of Business

Some small business owners have found that COVID-19 has allowed them to move into the next phase of their career. If you’re not planning to re-open your small business, you don’t want to take the first offer on your inventory or equipment if it’s not fair. It can be tempting to say yes to the first purchase offer when you’re desperate to unload your items and clear up space in your home. Storage facilities give you the opportunity to take some time and negotiate for a higher and fairer purchase price.

Storage units come in a variety of sizes so that you can customize exactly what you need—and what works with your budget. Some small business owners prefer to rent multiple units at the same site to keep inventory separate or to make sure their items from multiple locations are easily sorted. We’ll work with you to pinpoint the type of storage facility situation that works best for you and your small business.

Keep in mind that if you’re simultaneously renting a storage unit and still operating your business (such as moving it online), the rental of a storage unit is probably a tax write-off. Talk to your CPA about your unique situation, and you’ll find that the storage unit fees plus miles driven to and from the unit for business can help you out at the end of the tax year. Connect with Oquirrh View Storage today and regain control of your small business and life by keeping organized.

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