‘Tis the Season to Up Your Holiday Decoration Game

‘Tis the Season to Up Your Holiday Decoration Game

Every year, the average American spends $230 just on winter holiday decorations alone—and they would probably spend much more if they had a place to put every reindeer, Santa, and silk poinsettia they fell in love with. Americans are spending more and more on decorations each year, and that’s not just due to inflation. Strands of lights to decorate a home range up to $300 on average, and more and more people are making big statements in a socially distanced holiday world with items like blow-up figures. But where do you put everything when the season is over?

Right now is the perfect time to go through your decorations and separate what you want to keep from what you want to donate or recycle. Consider it a “winter cleaning,” and while doing so, give yourself permission to splurge on new decorations that will tie your winter theme together. At the same time, use this time of year to rent a storage unit specifically for your decorations. If you’re the type who loves to spread joy and cheer, having a dedicated storage unit just for your decorations is the perfect way to keep organized while ensuring your precious items are safe year-round.

Why A Separate Space for Decorations?

Few people have the luxury of too much storage space. Even if you do have an attic, basement, or garage where you’ve been storing decorations there’s a good chance that at-home space could be better utilized. After all, decorations are typically only used 4 – 6 weeks per year. That means you’re “wasting” precious space at home simply for storage. In an era where a lot of people are working from home, studying from home, and working out from home, few people have the capacity to dedicate space to strictly storage.

Plus, a dedicated storage unit just for decorations gives you a new tradition to look forward to. Instead of dreading the annual climbing up into the attic and battling spiderwebs with a flashlight, you can make it a new tradition to trek to the storage unit and pull out the decorations from a safe, easy-access unit every year.

How to Pack Decorations

As you move items into your holiday storage unit, take this time to properly clean and pack every decoration. You can also create a “map” of the storage unit with directions posted inside so you know exactly where everything is. Having an inventory of items is a great way to keep track of everything, and this way you’ll always know exactly what new items you “need” to get when you spot a fantastic decoration for sale.

This holiday isn’t going to look like any in the past—so why should your holiday storage solution? Choose a storage unit that is temperature-controlled and with sound security so you never have to worry about your precious décor the other 11 months of the year. Storage units give you a dedicated space that’s clean, accessible, and affordable. Call Oquirrh View Storage today to find out about your options.

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