Today’s Homes Don’t Have Storage

Today’s Homes Don’t Have Storage

If today’s homes seem to be getting smaller and smaller, you’re right. They really don’t build homes like they used to, and size is one of the biggest factors new homeowners (and renters!) are struggling with. As the price for homes skyrocket, most people in the US “settle” for homes and/or storage options in homes that are tiny compared to homes their parents and grandparents had. For those who live in urban areas, the cost for condos, apartments, and townhomes with enough space and secure storage to be reasonable typically also comes with prohibitively high HOA fees. Getting the right home today with the right size and at the right price simply doesn’t exist for most people.

Interestingly, the size of American homes has actually increased in recent decades—and that’s part of the problem. On a national scale, the average US home is about 1,600 square feet. However, the average new home is built at 2,505 square feet. Today, the average home is between 600 – 800 square feet larger than those in other industrialized countries. Americans value bigger homes due to British colonialism because when the “settlers” arrived in the 1600s, they were quick to take over land to escape the tiny and crowded homes they left in Europe. A big part of the “American dream” is to own your own land and own home—and size matters. We value personal space, but along with the inflation of home sizes (and prices!) comes a so-called inflation of expectations. With every generation, we’re trained to think we need to do bigger and better than our parents (thus the McMansion). However, the balloon has burst.

What to Do About Minimal Storage Space

Thinking that every homeowner needs a larger house than their parents simply isn’t sustainable. Today’s homes might be bigger than your parent's (or maybe not); however, the reality is that the average person in the US can’t afford these monstrous 2,000+ square feet homes. This has led to the relatively recent trend of tiny homes or other means of downsizing. Just because bigger homes are being built doesn’t mean the vast majority of people can afford to get into them—or keep them.

Land in desirable areas is also getting more and more rare. We simply don’t have the physical space to continue this trend. Remember your grandmother’s attic or your parents’ scary basement growing up? These types of spaces are nearly extinct unless you’re spending upwards of a million dollars or more on your home (again, not feasible for most). So, what can the average person do about it? Storage units.

Storage units have long been the solution for homeowners and business owners alike who need more space but can’t afford a mansion. Storage units are safe, affordable, clean, and can keep your items protected. A good storage unit will have temperature control and top-notch security. These units are also safer from burglaries and fires compared to homes. Find your ideal storage unit today by connecting with Oquirrh View Storage.

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