40+ Storage Units Burglarized: Why You Need Secure Storage

40+ Storage Units Burglarized: Why You Need Secure Storage

Storage units are well-known gold mines, which is why entire television shows have been made about them. It’s no wonder criminals target storage units—the owners of the individual units are rarely there, and everyone knows you wouldn’t store items that weren’t valuable in some sense. However, burglars are opportunists, and they’ll only consider storage facilities where they’re unlikely to get caught. That’s why choosing a storage facility that’s safe and secure should always be a top priority.

Recently, a well-known storage facility in Tempe was burglarized and over 40 units were broken into. According to one renter, Brittany Williams, the burglars took almost everything from her unit. The remaining items were in “disarray” and many were broken. Williams says, “These guys didn’t just steal boxes, they rummaged through them. I had childhood memorabilia in there. I had dolls that I wanted to give my daughter someday … my fiancé’s dad was a war veteran and his veteran medallions are gone.”

There are three types of valuables in storage units: those with sentimental value, those with monetary value, and those with both. You don’t want any of these items to be taken or get damaged. The storage facility that was burglarized in Tempe did have some surveillance cameras up, and although the police have the tapes now, they say there are no suspects. Williams estimates her stolen items were worth about $25,000.

What to Look for with Security Measures in Self Storage

Surveillance cameras are just one method for keeping items safe. These cameras also need to be visible to potential criminals and of high quality so that suspects can be identified. The best in security gates and locks should also be present, and you want a storage facility with a management team that’s regularly on-site. Following best practices to deter burglars, such as proper lighting and keeping trees and bushes trimmed away from the facility and units, is a must. These best practices will discourage hiding places.

Making sure your items are insured is also a critical safety measure that’s often overlooked. Your homeowners or renters insurance will have options in place so that stored items are equally covered. Keep an eye on the deductible, particularly for items with sentimental value, and choose a rate that works with your budget.

As for Williams and her fiancé, she says, “Everything that we lost from our childhood, from our family’s history and stuff like that, like that’s irreplaceable.” She did not have an insurance policy that covered stored items and is currently working with the Tempe police and owners of the storage facility to detail and identify the missing items.

The safety of your valuables is the number one priority at Oquirrh View Storage. See the difference a secure storage facility makes. Contact us to take a tour of the premises and see for yourself how we go the extra mile so you can enjoy peace of mind.

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