5 Benefits of Climate-Controlled Storage You Need to Know

5 Benefits of Climate-Controlled Storage You Need to Know

According to SpareFoot data, over 9% of Americans rent storage space every year. If you're one of them, you probably store everything from yard tools, furniture, or other household items in basic storage.

But did you know there are certain items, especially higher-valued items, that are insufficiently protected in an average storage unit? This is where climate-controlled storage units offer a perfect solution.

The question is, what types of items are best protected using climate-controlled storage, and what are the other benefits of using one? Here's the low-down.

What Should I Put in Climate-Controlled Storage?

Special items like antiques, musical instruments, fine art, or even high-tech electronics, are negatively affected by changes in temperature and humidity.

Other items may include important documents, mattresses, books, wood, and upholstered furniture. Warping, deterioration, and other damage can occur unless these items are placed in climate-controlled storage.

Of course, the benefits don't stop there...

1. Insulate from Intrusions

Items placed in regular storage units are largely protected from debris and dust that can accumulate. But, in a newer, cleaner, climate-controlled storage unit, (like those established after 2018), you have even more protection.

Climate-controlled storage units are built with insulated roofs, walls, and doors to keep the temperature and humidity steady.

Because of this, rodents, dirt, and bugs are far less able to enter.

2. Protect from Extreme Temperature

Winter and summer can be death to items stored outside. But with climate-controlled storage, your possessions will remain insulated.

The temperature will remain steady so you don't have to worry about damage.

3. Better Air Quality

When storing sensitive papers or electronics, good air quality is a must. Climate-controlled storage units are sealed more securely than the average unit.

Because the air is circulated to moderate temperature and humidity, it also stays fresher. Your sensitive items are better protected with clean air surrounding them.

4. Humidity Control

As seasons and temperatures change, so does the humidity inside your storage unit. Too much or too little moisture in the air can cause harm to your stored items.

Many climate-controlled units allow you to opt for humidity control as well. 

This great feature protects your items from mold or mildew that can develop in places with too much moisture. Regardless of what you're storing humidity can be a major factor in preservation.

Still, items like antique wooden furniture are especially sensitive to humidity levels so climate-controlled storage units are a must-have to total preservation.

5. Increased Peace of Mind

You've heard the saying "you can't put a price tag on peace of mind." Well, when it comes to your possessions, you probably can... 

Opting for a slightly more expensive, climate-controlled unit is your best bet for protecting your investments. It's a sure way to keep your possessions safe and protect you from costly losses or damage.

Reserve Your Unit Today

The benefits of renting a climate-controlled storage unit far outweigh the slightly higher cost. If you're serious about protecting and preserving your stored items, climate-controlled units are the best choice.

For help getting started or to reserve your unit, contact us today. Happy storing!

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