5 Things You Need When Moving Property into Storage

5 Things You Need When Moving Property into Storage

There’s a big difference between moving your property into your new home and moving it into storage. Whether you’re setting off to travel the world for a year, are downsizing temporarily, or need a storage unit long-term for your collectibles, do your research.

You wouldn’t blindly sign the lease of a new condo without checking it out, would you? Unfortunately, the same care is often neglected when picking a storage facility. These units are often even more appealing to burglars because the odds of being caught are much lower.

Packing for Storage

If you’re packing up items for storage, more care needs to be taken when sealing them in. Even though you shouldn’t be battling rodents and insects, never say never. Proper packing includes:

  • Finding smaller, sturdier boxes (easy to get at liquor stores)
  • Properly labeling each side of the boxes with the items inside and/or room assignment
  • Clear packing tape along every seam to prevent pests from getting in
  • Plenty of padding (use excess blankets and towels if possible)
  • Ensure every item is clean and sanitized before being packed
  • Hire a reputable moving company that’s insured and licensed

Ready to Make Your Move?

Before the movers come or you hire a truck, check with your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance provider to make sure your property is covered. There might be some loopholes not in your favor, or you may need to add on coverage you weren’t expecting. Once that’s settled, it’s time to go down your checklist of what the perfect storage unit has.

1. Security On-Site

In an ideal world, the storage unit has live security around the clock. Burglars are aware of this and will choose a more vulnerable target. Security guards can also keep an eye out for pests and infestations. If you find a storage unit with live security, ask about:

  • How long each guard has been with the company
  • If there are background checks conducted
  • If there is any time when security isn’t present

2. Security Cameras

Whether your storage unit has live security or not, there should also be security cameras covering every nook and cranny. This will also deter burglars. Questions to ask about security cameras include:

  • Where is the central data kept?
  • Are there any “blind spots?”
  • What type of equipment do you use, and is it possible to easily break in?

3. Temperature Control

Most people who put things into storage have at least one item that doesn’t fare well in extreme heat or cold. There are many storage units that offer temperature control to keep your possessions safe. Unless there’s no other option, make sure you select a unit with a temperate environment. Otherwise, the storage might be useless.

4. Secure Roller Grills

Think a unit is only as secure as the lock you supply? Think again. The actual overhead doors can make a huge difference in security—some are easier to bypass than others. Take a close look at the doors and ask the facility manager:

  • How often are they maintained?
  • When was the last time (if ever) a break-in occurred?
  • What is the material of the doors?
  • What’s the make and model of the doors (and then do your own research on their security)?

5. Location, Location, Location

The location of a storage unit matters for two reasons: It needs to be convenient for you and it also needs to be in a low-crime area. It doesn’t matter how many security guards there are if a unit break-in happens every month.

You should enjoy peace of mind when putting your things in storage, and you’re in control of that. Know the security and safety levels, choose wisely, and contact Oquirrh View Storage today to get more information on available storage options.

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