Can You Run a Business from Your Storage Unit?

Can You Run a Business from Your Storage Unit?

Kind of. This doesn’t mean you can actually set up shop in your storage unit, but many savvy entrepreneurs do—in some ways—operate their business from their storage unit. Think of it as means of leverage space in order to facilitate business and/or promote your work. Storage units are safe, clean, secure places making it easy to digitize your inventory and keep your work/life balance in check. Business or office storage units can be a great option for emerging entrepreneurs or for seasoned pros who quickly figured out there’s a better place than a high-rent commercial space or their spare bedroom to serve as operations central for storage.

That’s right—a storage unit can actually be your center for operations. It can be a place where you do the occasional packaging and prepping of products, shipping them straight from your storage unit to various pickup points. Installing shelves and racks in your unit makes it easy to customize the space and better sort your items.

Top Storage Unit Industries

It’s no surprise that online retailers make big use of storage units. When you don’t own a brick-and-mortar shop and want to make the most of lower overhead, you still need a place for your inventory. Storage units offer easy, hassle-free options for everything from inventory management to a delivery hub (so long as you don’t actually have workers in your unit for several hours per day prepping your Etsy shipments!)

Online retail companies depend heavily on Amazon, eBay, and Etsy. Surges in business can happen, especially during the holidays, and a storage unit can help keep things smooth and steady no matter what’s happening in the online retail world.

Your Business Storage Solution

Fashion designers love using storage units because the influx of materials, sewing machines, mannequins, and more can quickly overtake your home space. Segregate products in a storage unit to help streamline your business. Event organizers also count on storage units because many items are seasonal. For example, if you routinely organize Valentine’s Day events, you’re not going to have much need for red balloon decorations any other time of the year.

Art and antique dealers also depend on climate safe storage units—and this is actually one of the reasons storage unit auctions are so popular. You never know what treasures might be inside! Antiques can be large and take up a lot of space but are also inherently valuable. Did you know that climate-controlled storage units are actually statistically safer than your home?

Those who do own a brick-and-mortar business also use storage units for overstock. Overhead costs can be high, but you can help keep your income in the black by “outsourcing” part of your shop to a storage unit. No matter what kind of business you have, from running a non-profit to landscape and gardening, there’s a good chance the right storage unit can help you better your company. Connect with Oquirrh View Storage to learn more about available storage units today.

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