Creating a Holiday Storage Unit

Creating a Holiday Storage Unit

If you’re one of those people who go all out for every holiday, your family, friends, and neighbors appreciate you and your enthusiasm—but you’re probably hurting for space. Every holiday season there are new decorations that you just have to have, and there’s only so much space your closets, garage, and attic can hold. There’s no denying that when decorations aren’t being used, they’re simply sitting somewhere taking up space for an entire year. These decorations barely make the cut of the rule, “If you haven’t used something for a year, it’s time to throw it out.”

Things are even tougher right now with adult kids moving back home and everybody in the house being there nearly 24/7. Maybe you need to turn that storage room into another bedroom or office space. Maybe you’re still not comfortable going back to the gym, and you’re ready to turn your garage into a home gym. No matter what you have going on, those decorations are getting in the way. There’s no need to donate them. Simply get a storage unit dedicated strictly to the holidays.

Storage Unit Benefits

Storage units are suitable for short-term or long-term storage, and when you opt for a secure facility that’s climate-controlled you never have to worry about the safety of your decorations. However, if you’re thinking about storage units for long-term storage, maybe you’re trying to figure out if it makes more financial sense to rent a unit or buy/build a storage building on-site at your home.

There are some issues with the latter. For starters, if you own your home, you might have to request permits to place a new permanent structure on your property. This will take time, expenses, and there’s always the possibility that you will be denied. In some cases, a separate storage unit on your own property can enhance the property value, but at other times it might decrease it. You might also have to deal with HOA regulations, and there have been cases when some homeowners needed to tear down or remove their on-site storage facility when it didn’t comply with HOA rules.

It’s also important to consider safety and climate control. A proper storage unit facility has the latest camera technology to keep burglars at bay. On-site security and access codes for entry further increase safety. This is done to such a degree that most homeowners simply couldn’t manage on their own. Plus, getting your own storage unit that’s climate-controlled is very costly. When it comes down to it, it’s often the same cost or even more affordable to rent a storage unit rather than trying to put your own on your property.

Holiday Magic

When storing holiday items in a unit, consider installing shelves to maximize space and make it easier to find items. Sort the unit into different spaces for holidays, and create an inventory of items so you always know where everything is. Make sure to create an aisle or two in the unit for even easier access, and always clean items before putting them back in storage.

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