Do newer storage units have more benefits?

Do newer storage units have more benefits?

How Newer Storage Facilities Have Improved and What They Offer for Your Storage Needs

If it’s been several years since you’ve used or seen a storage facility, you’re in for a fantastic surprise. A lot has changed since the days when storage facilities were cold, cramped, unsupervised spaces where it felt like you were taking a gamble storing your valuables there. Today’s storage units are safe, secure, and designed to keep all of your valuables in pristine condition. Plus, the prices are competitive, making even long-term storage solutions a viable option compared to adding storage space to your home—or moving.

One of the biggest improvements to today’s storage is climate-controlled storage units. Sometimes the items you’re storing do just fine in extreme temperatures (which of course happens in Utah), but other times freezing or sizzling temperatures can permanently damage your items. For example, keepsakes, heirlooms, and even photo albums can be damaged when subjected to severe and changing temperatures. However, with climate control you know that there’s a steady and safe temperature at all times so your valuables will stay in their current condition.

Another improvement is security. Both in-person and digital security measures have vastly improved, and you can now rest easy knowing that your storage unit (and the items it houses) are being monitored around the clock. Burglars are typically opportunists, and they’re looking for the easiest target. Many years ago, that sometimes meant storage units—but that’s no longer the case. Storage unit facilities usually have much better security than homes, which means that burglars are going to bypass storage facilities in search of easier targets.

Accessing your storage unit is also simpler than ever. There was a time when you had to work around staff schedules, and they weren’t always convenient to yours. Now, you can access your storage unit at a time and date that works for you. There’s no more waiting, scheduling appointments, or having to take time off of work or from your other activities just to get into your storage unit. Convenience is key in today’s busy world, and it’s reflected in how the latest storage facilities operate.

Flexibility is also crucial, in terms of both payment and storage unit size. With no deposits and no long-term contracts, monthly payments are made simple. This allows for short-term and long-term rentals to be equally accessible. The size of the unit has also become more flexible, and there’s truly a size for every person and every need. It’s also easy to upgrade or downgrade the size since every unit at this West Jordan storage facility is on the ground level.

Finally, a critical improvement has been made to the eco-friendliness of storage units. Every business should be prioritizing methods to be greener, and storage unit facilities that offer steady temperatures while avoiding wasteful habits (such as unnecessary electricity usage or hard copy printouts) align with these values. Find out more about the benefits of storage facilities today and see if an updated unit is right for your needs.

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