DON’T Leave These Items in a Non Temp-Controlled Storage Facility

DON’T Leave These Items in a Non Temp-Controlled Storage Facility

You can never have too much storage, which is why so many people trust storage facilities to take care of their treasures they don’t need on a daily basis. However, not every item belongs in a storage unit (or a garage) that doesn’t have temperature control—this is especially true in a state like Utah where we have four very distinct seasons. It’s always in your best interest to rent storage units with temperature control no matter what you’re storing. After all, you can never be totally certain how some items will respond to extreme temperatures. There are a few items that you definitely want in a temp-controlled unit.

Avoid storing canned food in non temp-controlled places. Storage units have become popular for small shops that need temporary storage (especially during the pandemic), but canned food should only be stored in places that are consistently cool. One sizzling summer day without temperature control can quickly spoil canned food. You also want to store propane in a temperature-controlled space. It’s tempting to stick your camp stove or grill in storage or the garage, but temperature swings can increase the risks of a valve leak—and then you have asphyxiation risks and fire hazards.

Cool and Calm Climate-Controlled Storage

Furniture is one of the most common items to put in storage, but make sure that unit is temperature controlled if you’re storing wooden furniture. Temperature and humidity changes can seriously damage wood, making the grains shift in size. The damage can range from ruined veneers to totally warped wood. Sometimes just a couple of months in these conditions can render your antique destroyed. If you’re storing a muscle car, make sure to always take oily rags with you. Spontaneous combustion and fires can occur when internal heat reaches certain temperatures and there’s nowhere for it to escape.

Since there’s no such thing as having too many books, a lot of people store extra tomes in storage units. Maybe you’re saving special first editions or childhood favorites for your grand kids. However, temperature fluctuations can destroy binding particularly for old and delicate books. You might think you’re keeping these volumes safe, but if a unit isn’t temperature controlled, you might actually be creating ideal conditions for a lot of wasted books.

Storage Units Require Consistency

Avoid storing sleeping bags in non temperature-controlled places, too. In fact, any fabric can get moldy without consistent temperatures and humidity control. Many people keep extra camping gear in storage units, but be careful with sleeping bags and tents. One way you can store them just about anywhere is by vacuum sealing them. However, a much easier approach is simply to opt for storage units that offer temperature control.

A lot of the items we use aren’t equipped to handle temperature swings. What’s the point of storage if you’re renting a unit that creates prime conditions for destroying your items? Choose a reputable storage facility like Oquirrh View Storage where you can rest easy knowing the temps are under control year round.

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