“Flippers” Find Solutions with Storage Facilities

“Flippers” Find Solutions with Storage Facilities

People have really gotten creative during the pandemic, and many are taking advantage of the increased demand for collectibles by becoming their own virtual auction house. Whether you’re a long-time seller on eBay or you recently got into finding and “flipping” items as a means to make cash during uncertain times, you’ve probably quickly realized that you need more storage than you thought. A storage unit is a fantastic solution for anyone who makes a little (or a lot!) of extra cash by buying and reselling in-demand items.

This is no new means of making money. Prior to the internet, it was common for folks to scour garage sales in order to resell items at an auction house or flea market. When eBay arrived, it ushered in a new era of such a living. Suddenly, you had access to potential buyers from around the world. For decades now, some savvy resellers have made very handsome livings exclusively from this practice. However, just like any uncertain times, this way of life has also garnered new sellers in recent months. Whether you lost your stable income, needed to find an avenue for making even more money, or simply no longer felt safe in your traditional job, buying and selling items has skyrocketed in recent months.

Increase Your Space with Self-Storage

Maybe you’ve been buying items for a steal online, checking out salvage sites, or you’ve taken advantage of the reduction in competition at thrift stores and garage sales recently. Either way, if you’ve found yourself with more items to resell than you can quickly move, it’s possible your home has started to look like an antique store. That may be perfectly fine for you—but perhaps not for others in the home. If you’ve been trying to figure out a way to move items faster, maybe you’ve even thought of lowering your profit margin. There’s a better solution: Storage units.

Using climate-controlled and standard storage units to hold inventory is common for all types of entrepreneurs. Whether you own a small antiques business or you’re a solopreneur who’s just realized this means of making money, you need some form of overhead to make it happen. This doesn’t need to be your home. Plus, bear in mind that if you are a small business owner, a storage unit rental fee is a tax write-off.

Having a storage unit means you don’t have to rush to take the first offer on items you put up for sale. You can take your time and even seek out specialty buyers if that’s what will give you the best profit margin. A storage unit also allows you to keep work and home separate. This is very important for entrepreneurs who can quickly get caught up in work 24/7. Not seeing your inventory day in and day out gives you a break. However, you do want to make sure you have a complete inventory list at the ready and a neatly-ordered unit.

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