Hobbies that Benefit from Storage Units

Hobbies that Benefit from Storage Units

People often think of storage units as places where extra, unnecessary stuff goes. But a storage unit can be a widely versatile option and a wise choice for many reasons. For some hobbyists, a storage unit is a necessity to keeping their important products safe, secure, and out of the way. Here are some hobbies that benefit from a storage unit.


Whatever you collect, each item is important to you. You probably already know that a good storage solution can be tricky. Maybe your significant other is sick of looking at all these goodies around the house, or maybe you just need a better place to keep everything. A storage unit can be a great option for collectors because it is a designated space just for your valuable items. You can bring in racking systems or shelving and catalog everything to your heart’s content to ensure everything is tracked and secure.

Car Mechanics

For the car lover, a storage unit can be a true advantage. Working on cars takes a lot of equipment, and many of us simply don’t have the massive garage with workspace that is needed to perform this work effectively. A storage unit can house all these products, plus be a safe place to store that classic car while it’s not in use.

Fishing and Hunting

Storage units are great places to store fishing and hunting gear. Note: you cannot store guns or ammo in a storage unit because they are classified as explosives, but we know a lot of other gear goes along with hunting that could be easily stored in a unit. From kayaks, hideouts, calls, game cameras, footwear and camouflage items, a storage unit is a great spot for these. For fishing, you can store boats and kayaks, lures and poles, fish finders, ice fishing tents, and much more at a unit. Keep the clutter out of your garage or basement, even if you don’t need a space for a full year.

Gardening or Canning

In Utah, gardening can only be done about half the year, at most. If you’re homesteading or have a huge backyard garden, a storage unit can help you throughout the winter months especially. You can store all your gear, seeds, power tools, and more in a storage unit. Once that garden is fruitful, visit your storage unit to grab all your canning gear to make all the food storage you need for your family. Many homes don’t have enough room for canning equipment and gardening tools, and storage units can be very helpful in this area.


If you’re an avid crafter, your projects probably take up a lot of space, and working in that space gets messy quickly. Storage units come in a few different sizes, and you can choose temperature-controlled units if some of your products are sensitive, such as adhesives and old photos. Many crafters find a storage unit is beneficial because they know their items are safe. Like the tip for collectors, you can catalog all your products too in your designated unit.

Keep your hobbies fun and functional, and contact Oquirrh View Storage about renting a space today.

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