Need Storage During COVID-19?

These are uncertain times, and while there have always been a number of reasons why people need storage facilities, circumstances might be especially unique during COVID-19. Oquirrh View Storage is here for you with all of your storage needs, featuring secure units in temperature-controlled environments. Here are just a few reasons new renters have needed fast, safe storage solutions in recent weeks:

1. Temporarily moving homes. If you’re like a lot of Americans, you needed to make quick adjustments to your living arrangements. Maybe you’re a student who decided to move back home to wait out the pandemic but you had way too many belongings to make a full, proper move. Storage facility units are available in all sizes to keep your dorm or off-campus apartment treasures safe until you return.

2. You’re downsizing for the long term. Maybe you were laid off or don’t want to stay in a luxurious, over-sized home when your financial security is in limbo. Unemployment rates are sky high, and some savvy folks are acting quickly to downsize into more reasonable and cost-effective housing for the long term. However, that doesn’t mean you have to downsize all of your belongings. A storage facility unit offers short-term or long-term storage so you can take your time deciding on your final housing situation and what items you want to keep for good.

3. You’re worried about costly treasures around new roommates or children home from college. Every housing situation is different. Maybe you’ve welcomed a renter to your home to help with financial hardships during COVID-19, and even though their background check is clear, having your most valuable items in the same house with a virtual stranger can be cause for concern. Maybe you were an empty nester who loved antiquing, but suddenly your adult children have moved back home until the pandemic has passed—and even though they’re adults, you don’t quite trust them around all your breakables. If your housing situation has changed and you’re worried about items in your home getting damaged, a storage facility unit is the perfect solution.

4. You need more room in your garage. Did you know storage facility units also make for great off-site garages? If you have a collector car or simply an extra car that isn’t used much now that working from home is the norm, there’s no reason to waste your home garage space with an unused car. Store it in a secure storage facility for vehicles and use your newfound garage space for extra storage or even as a makeshift bedroom, yoga space, or simply a getaway.

Storage units give you the space you simply don’t have at home, but they aren’t all created equally. There are variances in features, security, and access. Self-isolation, social distancing, and working from home are already big enough changes that can cause stress and anxiousness. Choose Oquirrh View Storage for a dependable and well-protected storage facility option during coronavirus and beyond.

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