Storage solutions for businesses or offices in transition

Storage solutions for businesses or offices in transition

There are a number of reasons a business may need to use a storage facility. Having a facility you can trust to be secure, clean, up to date and nearby is a must with your valuable business assets.

Do you have an excess or overflow of product?

Business as usual can be hard to do if you are having a problem with too much inventory for the space you are in. If you have grown as a business and moving the business to a larger space is not an option using a local storage facility is a great alternative. Another reason you may need extra space is if you have an opportunity to purchase a large quantity of product at a discount. Having a storage facility that can be accessed securely to retrieve your product when needed is a very important attribute. Some products are temperature sensitive and require a climate-controlled storage unit to ensure they do not get damage from extreme heat or cold. Oquirrh View Storage and their friendly staff are happy to assist you with any of your product storage needs.

Are you currently moving office locations and looking for a short term storage solution?

Growing and moving pains can be tough to find solutions for, as well as downsizing and relocating. There are many businesses that experience these challenges over time and need a storage facility to store office furniture, electronics, documents and much more. Some of these items can be safely stored in outside units with no concern of damage from high and low temperature changes while others need indoor controlled units. Renting a storage unit that will be the safest and best price can often require a little more insight from a storage specialist. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you in reserving the right storage unit whether its for a few months or for many months.

Do you need secure vehicle & trailer storage for your business?

If you have a company vehicle or if you are a mechanic shop that needs extra space to store vehicles then using a storage facility near you not only can save you money, but also provide secure storage. Auto shops and companies that have to leave vehicles parked overnight in a non-secure area risk vandalism and theft. This can leave a company with thousands of dollars in losses from damage and stolen goods. If you have a storage facility near your business location utilizing their services each month could save you a lot of headache and your bottom line.

Storage units indoor with climate-control and outdoor units can be used in a number of ways to benefit local businesses. The convenience of a storage facility to assist in your business and office storage needs can be a great asset in efficiency and space management. If you are a business in need of extra space and a secure storage facility reach out to your local self storage professionals to assist in reserving the right unit for you.

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