Storage Units Help You Create a Home Gym During COVID-19 (And Beyond)

Storage Units Help You Create a Home Gym During COVID-19 (And Beyond)

A lot of people modified their workouts to incorporate more outdoor cardio while also building a home gym. In fact, home workout equipment quickly sold out at the start of COVID-19 while former gym-goers (and those who wanted to make the most of lockdown) scrambled for equipment. If you’ve found yourself creating makeshift spaces for your new free weights, cardio machine, or bench press—or if you’ve put off buying home equipment because you don’t have the space—Oquirrh View Storage can help you out.

Whether you have a garage packed full of items or a spare room spilling over with holiday decorations, there’s a good chance some part of your home would make a fantastic home gym. Working out at home saves commute time, gym fees, and of course is a big part of keeping you safe and healthy in the midst of a pandemic. Unfortunately, storage spaces at home are usually reserved for items you rarely, if ever, use. If your garage or spare room is packed with items like decorations you only use once a year or heirlooms that you virtually never touch, they might be better suited to a storage unit.

Create Space at Home with self-storage units

Secure, temperature-controlled storage units have always been a fantastic option for holding onto your treasures or rarely used items. However, now more than ever people are maximizing their space at home. Even though lockdowns have started to lift, a lot of people are still working from home and wary about high-risk public spaces like the gym. It’s the perfect time to create or grow your home gym, and a storage unit can be a key part of making this happen.

Storage units are statistically safer than homes. You may have seen headlines about storage unit break-ins, but these crimes make headlines because they’re so rare. Plus, facilities that are targeted by burglars generally don’t have high-quality security measures in place. There’s no need to worry about shifting your storage items from your home to a storage unit if you choose a facility that goes above and beyond keeping your items safe.

What to Keep in Storage

If you’re worried about items like photo albums, wedding dresses, and furniture heirlooms getting damaged in storage, put your mind at ease. Storage units that are kept temperature controlled and dry are much safer than most garages (that generally experience temperature swings and dampness). A reputable storage facility will work with you to determine the right kind of unit for you and your belongings.

As you clear up space in your home or garage, you’ll quickly find that you don’t need as many workout items as you think. Strength training, cardio, and complementary training like yoga actually don’t require a lot of space. However, having the option to “spread out” is very appealing and you might discover that going back to a gym will never be for you. Let Oquirrh View Storage help make your home gym a reality today.

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